diversity in the curriculum

Diversity in the Curriculum

A number of English Department courses are dedicated to authors from underrepresented groups in the traditional canon. These include

ENGL 257 Asian American Literature

ENGL 258 African American Literature: 1745 - present

ENGL 311 Modern Jewish Writers in Translation

ENGL 312 Jewish Literature, Biblical to Modern

ENGL 316 Postcolonial Literature & Culture

ENGL 317 Literature of the Americas

ENGL 318 Black Literary Genres

ENGL 319 African Literatures

ENGL 357 Jewish American Literature and Culture

ENGL 358 Literature of Black Americans

ENGL 359 Contemporary American Indian Literature

ENGL 362 US Latino/a Literature

ENGL 367 Gender Studies in Literature

ENGL 368 Women Writers

In addition to these courses, you can frequently find writers from diverse groups across the English curriculum, especially in special topics courses such as ENGL 300: Reading Major Texts, ENGL 440: Special Studies in Literature, ENGL 350: Traditions in American Fiction, and many more. You can also find a representation of writers of color across the entire curriculum, from ENGL 200: Reading Literature to ENGL 498: Senior Seminar. To view current and upcoming English Course Descriptions listing themes and texts, please visit our Course Descriptions pages.


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