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Computer-Integrated Courses

The Computer-Integrated Courses Program (CIC) was created in 1990, when the Department of English successfully argued that students in 100-level writing courses would benefit from classrooms that were capable of taking full advantage of new learning technologies. Through years of curricular experimentation, CIC has expanded. The program currently houses undergraduate courses in expository, interdisciplinary, and creative writing; senior seminars in literary, cultural, and cinema studies; and graduate courses on topics ranging from medieval drama to hypertext poetry. Committed to the idea that the computer has become a “natural” part of the reading, writing, research, and critical thinking processes, CIC is dedicated to developing innovative computer-integrated approaches to teaching and learning.

CIC courses take place in four rooms: Mary Gates 082 and 076, 25-station computer classrooms linked in a local-area network (LAN); and Mary Gates 074 and 082A, more conventional classrooms with laptops linked to the LAN. In contrast to the design of most computer facilities, the CIC lab classrooms are arranged in three-person “pods.” The special design of our clusters facilitates teaching strategies attuned to a learning style that privileges interactive, visually oriented, experiential activities over exclusive instructor lecture. CIC students have access both to their own computers and to shared desk space, allowing them to alternate between individual reading, research or writing and collaborative group work. Through such interaction, students improve cognitive, rhetorical, and literary skills.

Along with curricular offerings, CIC provides TA and faculty instructors with opportunities to develop innovative, technology-based pedagogy and scholarship in a variety of liberal arts disciplines. For TAs, such opportunities prepare for an English job market that increasingly values facility with educational technology. For full-time English faculty, CIC offers instruction and support in adapting traditional courses to a computer-integrated environment, invigorating teaching methodologies and enhancing student learning.

Program staff that includes a faculty Director, a Humanities Faculty Liaison, two graduate-student Assistant Directors, and undergraduate student Lab Assistants. The CIC Program office is located in Padelford A-11A (206.543.4892; englcic@u.washington.edu).


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