English Creative Writing Program

andrew feld

tree in UW Quad Established in 1947 by Theodore Roethke, the University of Washington Creative Writing Program is a two-year Master of Fine Arts program offering degrees in poetry and prose. The program admits only ten to twelve students each year, which allows us to fully fund all accepted M.F.A. candidates through Teaching Assistantships in composition and creative writing, fellowships and an editorial position at The Seattle Review, our nationally-distributed literary journal. In addition, qualified applicants will be considered for the Pollock/GO-MAP Fellowship, a two-year fellowship for students of color and students from other underrepresented groups.

Our two-year program provides a working community for students in prose or poetry and affords them the time to concentrate on their writing and develop their skills. While the first year is devoted to participation in workshops and literary seminars, the second year allows for concentrated work on a thesis and masters essay under the supervision of one of our regular faculty. The relatively small size of our program (20-25 students) allows for close associations to develop among students and faculty.

Theodore Roethke, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize while teaching at the University of Washington, led a legendary workshop, drawing students from across the country. The Creative Writing Program's tradition of transformative workshops continues with our current faculty, who include MacArthur Fellowship winners. The list of our alumni publications represents a significant chapter in the history of American literature. The program was ranked among the top ten in the country.

Students also enjoy Seattle's lively literary and arts scene. Seattle is home to numerous reading series, Northwest Bookfest, the Seattle International Film Festival, and many highly-acclaimed theater companies. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, Seattle is minutes away from hiking, skiing, and boating.

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