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AU is the UW undergraduate-run speculative fiction journal, a quarterly that is "dedicated to fantasy, science fiction, magical realism and other strange and mystical genres."


Blind Glass is a student-run poetry magazine at the UW. They welcome poems of all kinds and styles, from sonnets and triolets to fragments and found text. However, they are particularly interested in adventurous, unconventional work: writing that surprises, challenges, and most of all illuminates new possibilities for poetry. Blind Glass will be published as a PDF anthology, available online via the UW Poetry Brigade Tumblr and elsewhere. Limited quantities of handmade hard copies will follow, and will be sold for a nominal price at select locations around Seattle. See Blind Glass on Facebook, or contact them at


Bricolage is the established University of Washington student literary magazine, publishing fiction, poetry, and artwork by UW students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and alumni. It is staffed by undergraduate student volunteers.


e.g. publishes essays written by students in English department Expository Writing Program courses that illustrate qualities of exemplary academic inquiry and writing. These essays demonstrate the outcomes for EWP as determined first by the writer's instructor and then by an editorial board comprised of English department EWP instructors.

MLQ: A Journal of Literary History

MLQ, a journal of literary criticism and theory, has been edited at UW since 1941. In 1993, its format and focus were revised and the subtitle "A Journal of Literary History" added. Edited by Marshall Brown, professor of English and comparative literature, it is devoted to understanding texts of the recent and distant past as the representations, agents, and vehicles of change, in their own day and in their afterlives.


Poetry Northwest, edited by David Wagoner, was published at the University of Washington from 1960 to 2002.  One of the longest-running magazines in the country which published nothing but poetry, it gained a reputation for consistently high quality contents and production values, and was especially known for its discovery and encouragement of young poets who later became well known.

From 2004 to 2009, Poetry Northwest was published at the Attic Writers Workshop in Portland, Oregon, under the editorship of David Biespiel, who redesigned the format and established the magazine as an independent nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status.

Poetry Northwest is now edited by Kevin Craft (UW MFA '95) and published biannually in April and October at Everett Community College. Correspondence, subscriptions, and submissions should be sent to: 2000 Tower Street, Everett, WA 98201. For more information, or to subscribe or submit online, see

Poetry Northwest remains a trademark of the University of Washington.


This literary journal has been published at the University of Washington since 1978, committed to offering an exciting range of work from both new and established artists, and including poetry, fictionn, essays and creative nonfiction, interviews and dialogues, theatre and visual arts. Contributors have included such writers as Rita Dove, Czeslaw Milosz, Kathleen Spivack, Al Young and David Wagoner. Andrew Feld is editor-in-chief.

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