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The Expository Writing Program offers an array of writing courses: 109/110, 111, 121, 131, and 281. All 100-level writing courses in the Expository Writing Program are designed around and help students meet a shared set of outcomes. These outcomes are intended to prepare students for writing in a variety of academic contexts. More than 4,000 students each year take one of our courses, each of which satisfies the University's "C" course or composition requirement.

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100-Level Course Basics

All you need to know about the learning outcomes for all 100-level EWP courses, the different kinds of 100-level courses offered, section offerings and instructors, as well required and suggested textbooks.

Student Policies

All you need to know about taking an EWP course, including information about adding, dropping, grading, and student conduct.

Writing Resources

All you need to know about additional resources, available to you here on the UW campus or online, that might help you succeed in 100-level EWP courses.

UW Writing Fair 1/30/14

When: Thursday, 1/30/14, from 3:00 - 5:30 PM
Where: Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall 225
Highlights for EWP: Student Portfolio Examples: 1 | 2

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