Guide to Graduate Programs


The degree can be completed within six full-time quarters, and completion in nine full-time quarters (or their part-time equivalent) is acceptable for satisfactory progress.

Master of Fine Arts

Requirements. The requirements for the Master of Fine Arts degree include workshops and seminars, preparation of a reading list, an MFA essay, and a Thesis.

ADVISING. Students in the MFA program are advised by the Director of Creative Writing, with whom they should meet before registering for first-quarter courses. The adviser will review degree requirements and assist in the choice of coursework. Throughout the student's program, the adviser will continue to provide advice on matters of scholarship and professional preparation and in planning further coursework.

APPLYING FOR THE DEGREE. A student applying for the Master of Fine Arts degree must submit that application to the Graduate School within the first two weeks of the quarter in which the degree is to be conferred and must be registered during that quarter.

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