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The Interdisciplinary Writing Program
UW Interdisciplinary Writing Program

A winner of the Brotman award for instructional excellence, the University of Washington Interdisciplinary Writing Program offers expository writing courses linked with lecture courses in various disciplines.

These writing courses are designed to help students improve their writing skills while further exploring ideas and materials assigned in the lecture courses.

“Because we spent our IWP class time learning to write for the linked lecture course, I'm sure I actually did better in my lecture course overall.” -- former IWP student

Assignments in a writing link always draw on materials from the accompanying lecture course, and often include drafts of papers submitted in the lecture course.

ENGL 197, 198, and 199 are linked with lecture courses at the 100-level. ENGL 297, 298, and 299 are linked with courses at the 200-level and above. Lecture courses which offer writing links vary by quarter.

While ENGL 297, 298, and 299 are called "Intermediate Writing," there is no pre-requisite — students do not need to take a 100-level writing course before enrolling in a 200-level writing link. Any student who enrolls in a lecture course is eligible to take its link, as space permits.

The Benefits of IWP Courses

Most students find that pairing a writing course with a lecture course enhances their learning in both.


Writing links involve frequent individual conferences with writing instructors to discuss drafts of papers. Conferences offer students an opportunity to learn to read their own drafts more critically and to revise them more effectively.


Writing links can be used to satisfy either the Univeristy's 5-credit English "Composition" requirement, or half of the 10-credit "Additional Writing" requirement for undergraduates. Students can take up to 15 credits in writing links, provided that each link accompanies a different lecture course.


Writing links meet for three hours a week and are limited to twenty students, amongst the lowest at the University of Washington.


Questions? Please contact the IWP Program Coordinator,

“The one-on-one student/instructor conferences were the most helpful thing for developing my writing skills.”
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