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Abrams, Robert (1979) (Professor), Ph.D. 1973, Indiana University.  American literature and culture

Alexander, Edward (1962) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1963, University of Minnesota.  Member Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, National Association of Scholars, Washington Association of Scholars.

Allen, Carolyn (1972) (Professor), Ph.D. 1972, University of Minnesota.  Modern and Contemporary Literature and Culture; Women Writers; Theories of Affect; Theories of Gender and Sexuality

Allen, Chadwick (2015) (Professor), Ph.D. 1997, University of Arizona.  Trans-Indigenous literary studies; Native American, Maori, and Oceanic literatures and cultures; postcolonial literatures and theory; frontier studies and US western literature

Bawarshi, Anis (1999) (Professor), Ph.D. 1999, University of Kansas.  Rhetoric and Composition Studies, Rhetorical Genre Theory and Invention, Discourse Analysis, Writing Program Administration.

Bierds, Linda (1981) (Professor), MA 1971, University of Washington.  Contemporary American Poetry

Blake, Kathleen (1971) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1971, UC, San Diego.  Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture

Bosworth, David (1984) (Professor), B.A. 1969, Brown.  Creative Writing

Brown, Elizabeth (Part-time Lecturer),

Burns, Wayne (1948) (Emeritus),

Burstein, Jessica (1998) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1998, University of Chicago.  Modern British and American literature and poetry, late 19th-century British literature.

Butwin, Joseph (1978) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1970, Harvard University.  Nineteenth-Century English Literature, the Novel, Politics, and Ruskin

Callow, Megan (2015) (Lecturer), Ph.D. 2015, University of Maryland, English Education.  Writing in the Disciplines (WID), writing in the sciences, faculty development for writing instruction

Cherniavsky, Eva (2005) (Professor), Ph.D. 1990, English, University of California, Berkeley.  American studies, post-colonial studies, feminism, 18th, 19th, and 20th C. U.S.literatures; film and television

Chrisman, Laura (2005) (Professor), D.Phil. 1992, University of Oxford.  African, Black Atlantic and African Diaspora Studies; Postcolonial Studies; South African Literature; late 19th and 20th Century British Literature of empire; black British literature

Chude-Sokei, Louis (2010) (Professor),

Clare, Stephanie (Assistant Professor),

Coldewey, John (1972) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1972, University of Colorado.  Medieval and Renaissance Drama Personal website.

Crouse, David (Associate Professor),

Cummings, Katherine (1985) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1985, University of Wisconsin.  Sexuality Studies.

Dillon, George (1986) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1969, University of California, Berkeley.  Writing Electronic Text; Corpus Based Analysis of Academic Disciplines and Other Registers Personal website.

Dunn, Richard (1967) (Emeritus),  Victorian Fiction

Evans, Jennifer (Part-time Lecturer),

Feld, Andrew (2006) (Associate Professor),  Poetry

Foster, Tom (2005) (Professor),

Frey, Charles (1976) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1971, Yale University.  Shakespeare

George, E. Laurie (1991) (Principal Lecturer), Ph.D. 1984, University of Oregon.  Modern and contemporary American and British literatures; Visual literacy and cultural communication in the digital age; Rhetoric of digital narratives

Gillis-Bridges, Kimberlee (1999) (Principal Lecturer), M.A. 1990, University of Washington.  American Studies Association Modern Language Association National Council of Teachers of English Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (Campus Coordinator, 2001- present) Society for Cinema and Media Studies Society for the Study of Multiethnic Literature of the US Personal website.

Graham, Joan (1974) (Emeritus), M.A. 1972, University of Washington.  Expository and Interdisciplinary Writing

Griffith, John (1968) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1969, University of Oregon.  American Literature

Griffith, Malcolm (1966) (Emeritus),

Guerra, Juan (1990) (Professor), Ph.D. 1992, University of Illinois at Chicago.  Language and Literacy Studies, Rhetoric and Composition Studies

Harkins, Gillian (2002) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2002, English Department, University of California, Berkeley.  Late twentieth-century United States literature and culture.

Helterbrand, Ryan (Part-time Lecturer),

Ibrahim, Habiba (2006) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2005, University at Albany.  20th-century African American Literary and Cultural Studies, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory

Johnson, Charles (1976) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1988, SUNY, Stoneybrook, NY.  Novel, Short Story, Fiction, and Literary Genres Personal website.

Kaplan, Sydney (1971) (Professor), Ph.D. 1971, University of California, Los Angeles.  Twentieth Century British Literature, Modernism, Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence

Kaup, Monika (2001) (Professor), Habilitation 1998, American Studies, Osnabrueck University, Osnabrueck, Germany.  U.S. Latino/a Studies, Transamerican Literary and Cultural Studies, Literature of the Americas; Baroque and Neobaroque Studies Personal website.

Kenney, Richard (1987) (Professor), B.A. 1970, Dartmouth College.  Poetry and Poetry Writing

Knight, Jeffrey Todd (2011) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2009, Northwestern University.  Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare, History of the Book, Textual Studies Personal website.

LaGuardia, Eric (1961) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1961, University of Iowa.  Renaissance and Spenser

LaPorte, Charles (2005) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2004, University of Michigan.  Nineteenth-century literature and literary theory, Victorian poetry

Laufenberg, Henry (2003) (Senior Lecturer), Ph.D. 2001, University of California, Riverside.  Interdisciplinary Writing, Modern American Literature, Henry Miller

Liu, Michelle (2003) (Senior Lecturer), Ph.D. 2003, Yale.  20th-century American film and literature; ethnic and gender cultural studies; disability studies; Asian American studies

Lockwood, Thomas (1967) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1967, Rice University.  Restoration and eighteenth-century British literature.

Longyear, Chrisopher (1972) (Emeritus),

Maley, Stephen (Part-time Lecturer),

Matchett, William (1954) (Emeritus),

Matthews, Carrie (2008) (Senior Lecturer), Ph.D. 2007, University of North Carolina.  Interdisciplinary Writing and Collaborative Teaching, Transatlantic Modernisms

McCracken, David (1966) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1966, University of Chicago.

McCue, Frances (2014) (Senior Lecturer),

McElroy, Colleen (1972) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1973, University of Washington.  Poetry Writing, Third World Literature, Women's Literature, and Fiction Writing Personal website.

McHugh, Heather (1982) (Emeritus), M.A. 1972, University of Denver.  The Art of Reading and the Writing of Poetry Personal website.

Moore, Colette (2005) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2004, The University of Michigan.  English language studies, history of the English language, late medieval literature

Motha, Suhanthie (2008) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2004, University of Maryland.  Critical applied linguistics, race and racialization, linguistic minority identity, teacher knowledge, and anticolonial epistemologies in English language teaching.

Mountford, Peter (Part-time Lecturer),

Mussetter, Sally (1978) (Emeritus), Personal website.

Norako, Kate (2016) (Assistant Professor),

O'Neill, John (1999) (Senior Lecturer), M.A. 1986, University of Washington. Personal website.

Ottinger, Aaron (Part-time Lecturer),

Palomo, Dolores (1971) (Emeritus),

Patterson, Mark (1981) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1981, Princeton University.  American Literature, Law and Literature, Literary History, Pedagogy, and Politics

Popov, Nikolai (1995) (Senior Lecturer), Ph.D. 1994, University of Washington.  modern poetry and fiction, modern Anglo-Irish literature

Rai, Candice (2008) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2008, University of Illinois at Chicago.  Rhetorical studies, public rhetorics, ethnography, urban and spatial theory, political theory, public sphere theory, rhetoric and composition, pedagogical theory and practice, service learning and engaged scholarship

Reddy, Chandan (2001) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 2004, Columbia University (English/Comparative Literature).  Critical Race Theory, Sexuality and Queer Studies, Globalization Studies, and Asian American Cultural Studies

Reed, Brian (2000) (Professor), Ph.D. 2000, Stanford University, English and American Literature.  20th Century American Poetry Personal website.

Remley, Paul (1988) (Professor), Ph.D. 1990, Columbia University (w/distinction).  Old English Literature

Sale, Roger (1962) (Emeritus),

Sandhu, Priti (2010) (Assistant Professor), Ph.D. 2010, University of Hawai'I at Manoa.

Searle, Leroy (1977) (Professor), Ph.D. English 1970, University of Iowa.  Literary Criticism and Theory, Intellectual History and Philosophy, Photographic Criticism and Theory History and Philosophy of Science, Computers and Knowledge Representation American Literature, Modern poetry, Comparative Romanticism, Music and Poetry Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Coleridge, Charles Sanders Peirce Blake, Hawthorne, Whitman, Melville, Henry James, William Carlos Williams, Faulkner

Shields, David (1988) (Professor), MFA 1980, (Honors in Fiction), University of Iowa.  PEN, Authors League, Writers Guild of America, Poets & Writers, Associated Writing Programs, MLA Personal website.

Shields, Juliet (2008) (Associate Professor),  eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British and American literature, the history of the novel, transatlanticism

Shulman, Robert (1961) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1959, Ohio State University.  American Literature, Marxism, Melville, and Twentieth-Century Literature

Silberstein, Sandra (1982) (Professor), Ph.D. 1982, University of Michigan.  (Critical) Discourse Analysis (rhetorics in times of national crisis; linguistic constructions of gender, race, ethnicity); critical applied linguistics & second language studies.

Simpson, Caroline C (1994) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1994, University of Texas, Austin.  Modern Literature, Popular Culture, Women's Literature, Autobiography, and Twentieth-Century Literature

Smith, Eugene (1958) (Emeritus),

Sonenberg, Maya (1993) (Associate Professor), A.M. 1984, Brown University.  Fiction Writing, Modern Fiction, Twentieth-Century Literature, and Women's Literature

Stansbury, Heather (Part-time Lecturer),

Stanton, Robert (1956) (Emeritus),

Staten, Henry (1998) (Professor), Ph.D. 1978, University of Texas.  19th and 20th century British literature; philosophy and literature.

Stevick, Robert (1962) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1956, University of Wisconsin.  Medieval Literature

Streitberger, William (1973) (Professor), Ph.D. 1973, University of Illinois.  Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century British History, Literature, and Drama; world drama; textual theory and practice.

Stygall, Gail (1990) (Professor), Ph.D. 1989, Indiana University, Bloomington.  English Language, Discourse Analysis, Legal Discourse, Forensic Linguistics, and Rhetoric and Composition Personal website.

Taranath, Anu (2001) (Senior Lecturer), Ph.D. 2000, University of California San Diego.  contemporary world and multi-ethnic literatures; colonial and postcolonial literatures and theory; transnational feminist and cultural studies

Taylor, Jesse Oak (2013) (Assistant Professor),  Bruce Harkness Award, Joseph Conrad Society of America (2012). American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) New Faculty Fellowship (2011-2013).

Tollefson, James (1984) (Emeritus), Ph.D. 1978, Stanford University.  Language policy

Triplett, Pimone (2006) (Associate Professor),  Poetry

Van Den Berg, Sara (Emeritus),

Vaughan, Miceal (1973) (Professor), Ph.D. 1973, Cornell University.  Medieval English Literature, Chaucer, Piers Plowman, Manuscript Studies, Anglo-Irish Literature, the Bible as Literature, and Drama. Personal website.

Wacker, Norman (1989) (Senior Lecturer), Ph.D. 1986, University of Washington.  Central European Literatures in Translation, Political Economy, Writing across the Curriculum and the Natural Sciences in particular.

Wagoner, David (1957) (Emeritus),

Webster, John (1972) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1974, University of California, Berkeley.  Composition, Expository Writing, Language and Usage Personal website.

Weinbaum, Alys Eve (1998) (Associate Professor), Ph.D. 1998, Columbia University.  Modern and contemporary Trans-Atlantic literature and culture, Critical Race Studies, feminist theory, Critical Theory, African American Studies, Transnational American Studies

Wong, Shawn (1984) (Professor), M.A. 1974, San Francisco State University.  Creative Writing and Asian American Studies

Woodward, Kathleen (2000) (Professor), Ph.D. 1976, University of California, San Diego.  Twentieth-century American Literature and Culture, Discourses of the Emotions, Technology and Science Studies, Age Studies

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