Tools and Resources

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A number of tools and resources, from the academic to the bureaucratic, are available to members and friends of the department, including:

Teaching with Technology: especially for faculty who wish to explore options for teaching literature, writing, and film with technologies available through the UW and the English Department.

English Studies Subject Guide, UW Libraries: offers recommended resources for research in English language, British and American literature, and other literatures written in English; also available for individual queries and assistance. Faculty and students in English may contact librarian Faye Christenberry to request the purchase of materials pertaining to the English language, English and American literature, and other literatures in English. Also, Faye will gladly provide research assistance on an individual basis or instruct a group of students in research methodology.

Odegaard Research and Writing Center: Open to all members of the UW community -- students, staff, and faculty -- and featuring exceptional writing tutors and convenient hours. Sign-up for an appointment on line.

CLUE Writing Center: The CLUE Writing Center is a free multi-disciplinary tutoring service that is open to all UW undergraduate students. During the school year, CLUE is open from 7:00pm to midnight Sunday through Thursday.

UW Libraries Writing Resources: includes a list of all campus writing centers as well as other tools and resources for writing.

Resources for English Language Learners: includes information about courses and campus resources.

Undergraduate Advising: help with academic and career planning, preparation for graduate school, and other questions and concerns of undergraduates, alumni, and prospective undergraduate and graduate students.

Affiliated Societies: English Department faculty, staff and students pursue scholarly and professional interests through numerous activities-- from informal reading groups to membership in national organizations. A handful of these are listed below.

Humanities Center: English Department faculty and students are involved in many aspects of the Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities, "dedicated to fostering innovative crossdisciplinary research and teaching in the humanities and to stimulating exchange and debate on cultural and intellectual issues among University of Washington scholars and the citizens of the greater Seattle community."

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