Affiliated Societies

English Department faculty, staff and students pursue scholarly and professional interests through numerous activities-- from informal reading groups to membership in national organizations. A handful of these are listed below.
      If you are active in such a group and would like it listed here, see our link request form for more information.

Medieval Studies Graduate Interest Group aims to bring together medieval scholars from a wide variety of departments on campus to foster collaboration between disciplines on topics concerning the middle ages. The group is open to graduate students, faculty, staff, undergraduates and community members interested in the Middle Ages.

Queer Pedagogical Performance explores the possibilities of queer pedagogy across disciplines and academic sites. Over the course of the year, we will work together to explore the nature of queer pedagogy, to build a collection of transferrable queer pedagogical resources, and to design and offer public forums for both learning about and engaging in queer pedagogy.

Bricolage is an annual printed literary and arts journal, produced each spring by undergraduates through the Department of English. We publish a wide range of literary and visual arts created by students, staff, faculty, and alumni, including fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, prose, scripts, and essays, and any type of art that reproduces well in two dimensions.

The Race Knowledge Project is dedicated to interrogating the contemporary status of race within what is increasingly understood as the global university and its intricate connections to our local communities.

The eighteenth and nineteenth century works-in-progress group will provide a collegial forum in which graduate students and faculty members can share work including master's essays, book or dissertation chapters, and journal articles. Our aims are to promote scholarly cross-century collaboration among graduate students and faculty members and to increase the departmental presence of eighteenth and nineteenth century studies.

Sigma Tau Delta is the international English Honors Society. You can join the UW Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta whether or not you are a member of the international organization. Check their website or their facebook page for membership details, activities, scholarships, etc., or contact them at

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