the english minor

Effective Autumn 2014.

declaring the english minor

There are no admission requirements and no prerequisites for minors at the UW. Any undergraduate student with at least sophomore standing (45 credits completed) who is officially declared in any major may declare a minor with his or her major adviser's permission. If you have not yet declared a major (i.e., if you are still in "premajor" status), you are not yet eligible to declare a UW minor. (This does not mean that you cannot begin to take classes now that will eventually apply toward the minor, however.)

To declare a minor, meet with your own adviser in your own major's advising office. Only the adviser in your major department may sign the form to declare a minor; this is to ensure that students meet satisfactory progress requirements. Since English is not your major, an English Department adviser cannot sign your form to declare the English minor. Please take the Change of Major/Minor form to your own major's advising office. There are no deadlines for declaring minors, except that you cannot declare a minor after the deadline for applying to graduate. In other words, you cannot declare a minor after the third week of the quarter in which you intend to graduate. For more information, see the UW's policies on minors.

English majors are not eligible to declare an English minor per UW policy.

english minor requirements

The English minor requires a minimum of 30 credits in English courses taken at the 200, 300, or 400 level:

No 100-level courses may apply toward the English minor.
Some courses may be restricted during Registration Period 1 to majors only; we're not generally able to override these restrictions, so those pursuing the minor must in most cases wait until Period 2 registration to enroll. See the Time Schedule notes for individual course restrictions. Those few courses that are restricted to majors only will have a note that reads, "English majors only PER 1." By UW policy, English majors may not add a minor in English.

courses and advising

An English adviser will be happy to meet with you at any time during our drop-in advising hours if you'd like to discuss the minor and your options for courses, English-related internships, your related career or other post-graduation plans, possible intellectual trajectories you may hope to pursue within your minor, and so forth. Some possible themes individual students may be interested in exploring could be language & rhetoric, expository or creative writing, genre studies, historical literary periods, literary theory & criticism, cultural studies, multicultural literature, literary modernism/postmodernism, gender studies, etc.

You can find detailed course descriptions for each quarter posted to our quarterly course offerings. These will provide you with information about teaching faculty, themes, texts, etc.

staying connected

We hope you'll consider yourself part of the UW's English Department community. Please feel free to subscribe yourself to the English e-mail list, "like" us on Facebook, and seek assistance from our department at any time.

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