unmodifiable dhcp server installation

unmodifiable dhcpa short description

Most network cards can create a Preboot eXecution Envrionment. When PXE is enabled, firmware on the card can transfer instructions from a boot server to a PC, so the PC can bypass its local drives and boot up using code retrieved from the network.

As the first step in this process, the network card must find the boot server. Usually, that requires an update to a DHCP server (yours or someone else's) so that it knows about the FOG server which provides the boot code.

But in this installation, DHCP servers you might not control need no modification. Instead, a DHCP proxy guides the network card to the FOG server.

The FOG server needs an IP address and passwords for its "fog" user account and its MySQL "root" account. Insert them in the table below to adjust the instructions on this page.

The FOG server will wind up with
Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL, FOG, DHCP proxy
Each PC client will need
low-power mode disabled, PXE boot enabled, network card as 1st boot device

install ubuntu

install FOG

configure FOG



update FOG webui

restart FOG server

The DHCP proxy service won't function until you do.

upgrading FOG in place

Double check account credentials (similar to changing password below).

On FOG website:

mgh specific

tweaks for Optiplex 760 (radeon DVI adapter)

active directory

Resources: WIKI and schoolitexpert walk-through

Domain Joining

configure PC

BIOS & registration

create image

---------- this should be separate doc ----------

before deploying

other info

to change IP node of FOG server

Use this script. Then update config.ini on PC's as needed (see below).

Or follow these manual steps:

in FOG server terminal

on FOG web site

on PC's if needed

how to change FOG password

Use this script.

Or follow the steps below:

In FOG server terminal:

On FOG web site:


Upload problem w/fresh WIN/7 installation
FOG reverted to RAW (slow) upload.
No trouble uploading from PC installed from image previously collected by imageX.
"Single Partition (NTFS Only, Resizable)" worked fine, even though 100MB partition also existed.
Due to default defrag imageX achieves?
Upload problem w/fresh WIN/7 installation
Created regular 100MB partition as well as NTFS
No trouble collecting partition, but deploy created unbootable disk
FIXED by repairing with Win/7 disc
TODO: test if image is OK after more changes...yes, seems to be