Appointment Policies

For questions or to make an appointment by phone, call us at 206-543-1824.

  • Appointments are required to add the major and to apply for graduation. Students who need to see an adviser for other reasons may either make an appointment or drop in.
  • First Week of the Quarter:
    To make an appointment during the first week of the quarter, contact us by phone or come to the Political Science Advising Office in SMI 215.
  • Non-UW Students do not have access to the online appointment system. Call to make an appointment.
  • Missed Appointments:
    If you miss an appointment, the online system will send you an email message. If you miss a total of 4 appointments without cancelling, the online system will no longer be accessible. You will need to call to make future appointments.
  • Timely Cancellations:
    If you must cancel an appointment, you may do so via the online appointment system up to 60 minutes in advance. Within 60 minutes, please call.

Software has bugs. Life has glitches. If you feel we have made a mistake, or that you have missed an appointment due to special circumstances, contact us at or 206-543-1824.