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Writing Institutes for Teachers

All PSWP institutes welcome K-16 teachers who want to deepen their knowledge about the teaching of writing. Teachers will have the opportunity to practice their own writing, investigate an educational topic of your choice related to writing, share your teaching strategies, and learn efficient strategies from other teachers.

[group picture] Invitational Writing Institutes

PSWP 14-credit Summer Invitational Institutes provide an intensive writing experience that offers teachers opportunities to write better and to learn classroom strategies to improve the writing of their students.

NIOST Practitioner Fellowship

A professional development institute opportunity for teachers. This is a collaborative effort between PSWP and School's Out Washington.

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Scholarship information

2010 PSWP Endowment Fund Scholarship: Thanks to the generosity of the PSWP alumni and friends, we are pleased to offer several PSWP Endowment Fund Scholarships of $500. The scholarships are available to help defray the tuition for the 2010 Invitational Institute. To apply, write a brief letter describing a way that you have created community in either your classroom or your school through writing. Submit the letter with your application to the PSWP 2009 Summer Invitational Institute.

Sponsor Scholarships: PSWP Teacher Consultants (who have completed on Invitational Institute) can grant one $250 scholarship. Please send a brief letter from the TC with your application.

Nelsen Middle School, Renton Washington: Thanks to a special grant, Nelsen Middle School teachers may apply for scholarship funds. Please send an email to jbrodine@uw.edu for details.

Other 2010 Scholarships: A limited amount of PSWP funds are made available on a need basis. Please send an email to jbrodine@uw.edu for details.