Submission Guidelines

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The Seattle Review is now reading submissions on line, through our submission manager, all year round!

We only accept submissions by mail between October 1 and May 31.

Seattle Review
University of Washington
Box 354330
Seattle, WA 98195-4330

Submissions received by mail during the summer months will be returned (or recycled if no SASE with sufficient postage is enclosed).

No simultaneous submissions. And please enclose a business sized self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), if submitting by mail.

Currently, we do not consider, use, or have a place for any visual art submissions.

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The editors of The Seattle Review are pleased to announce that, starting with our forthcoming Fall 2010 issue, The Seattle Review will publish, and will only publish, long poems and novellas.

We are looking for exceptional, risk-taking, intellectual and imaginative (as if these two could ever be separated) poems between ten and thirty pages in length.

The long poem can be:

We are also looking for novellas (see above description of poetry sought): stories between forty and ninety pages long.

Please note, as of May 2010, poetry submissions of less than ten pages in length, and prose submissions of less than forty pages will be returned unread.