Need a new page?

Copy "blank.html" to a new file (ex: "schedule.html").

Edit the new file following these instructions.

General Design


The picture above would be replaced with something a little more pertinent to your project, of course.

The size of the picture(s) in the mast head would depend, I imagine, on the number and width of entries in your site menu, too.

If the text of your menu entries were relatively narrow, you could afford a wider picture, and still have the page fit all right on a 1024px - wide screen--such as a tablet.

I don't know what would happen on a smart phone. I assume their browsers automatically compress large images.

Site Menu

The position of the main menu would be adjusted to keep it vertically more or less centered, too. The rules for that are in "css\main.css" and are located in this style rule:

#sitemenu {
	top: 85px;
	left: 10px;
	width: 195px;	
	text-align: right;

(The rule breaks into 2 main parts:

the selector
The selector targets one or more elements in your HTML mark up.
For example, in a style sheet, "p {...}" targets <p> ... </p> sections in an HTML document.
the style declaration
A declaration assigns a value to some style property.
Several declarations grouped together, as above, is called a declaration block.
(I'm sure you're relieved to know this.)


Here are a few other ways this site can deliver information. It can be embedded in the text and called up if needed. This might allow for more streamlined text, particularly for 1) concepts or facts most people might be expected to know, or 2) more detailed information only a few people might be expected to need, or need only occasionally.

Expanded links — "explink" & "expand"

This is an example of a "gloss," or an expanded link (a term or concept that might require a few extra words of explanation). (Here's the markup.)

Pop-Up Windows — "poplink" & "popup"

More detailed information can be handled as a pop-up window. (Here's the markup.)

Replacement Links — "replink" & "replace"

The 2 entries under "A Few Things" in the sidebar menu don't load new pages. Instead, they replace this content with other information. (Here's the markup.)

This page might not be the best one for illustrating replacement links. Since the length of the various "Current Questions" varies, the page jumps vertically, sometimes. In other words, if you use replacement links, they'll probably work best for replacement text that's more similar in length.

I've found an odd bug in my javascript, by the way, that indicates it isn't seeing the last "poplink" anchor. I'm throwing in a gratuitous one here until I can track down the glitch.