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Conference Evaluation Comments -- Feb 2006

Note: Below are ALL the comments collected from forms filled out by visiting students during a two week period in February, 2006.

Numbers correspond to a particular respondent’s answers to all three questions

A)What aspects of the conference were most helpful or positive?

Major: Undecided
1. The tutor helped me to articulate my ideas and actually express what was in my head.
2. Helped see how my essay sounds & looks from the “outside.”
3. She helped me just by listening and also by asking me questions that made me think and challenge myself.
4. I liked how the tutor listened to what I was saying and was willing to help me as much as possible. She listened to all of my ideas and contributed her own which was extremely helpful.
5. She was very positive, yet blunt at what I should focus on changing. She was patient, too. Working on my claim was a huge step that will help me a lot in revising and focusing my paper.
6. I reworked my claim – very important! Realized that I needed to add more argument to my information.
7. The tutor’s ability to recognize what was unclear and what did not make sense in context. Also the specific examples.
8. To hear that my revisions had paid off and my paper now flows and is clear.
9. She helped me run through different supporting details that can potentially make my paper stronger.
10. Bouncing ideas off tutor.
11. Reading my paper aloud.
12. My tutor gave suggestions of general paper-writing strategies & things to look out for. She also addressed a lot of the issues I was concerned with and did a good job of that.
13. I thought it was very helpful to read out loud my paper with the tutor, going over paragraph by paragraph, going over grammar mistakes and adjusting sentences.
14. Understand what reader think about my paper. How to rephrase the paper.
15. Her advice about incorporating my thesis statement into my paper.
16. Grammar & sentence structure & help me to construct argument.
17. The tutor was able to help me clarify my ideas and helped me to understand the story better, so I will be able to organize my ideas.
18. Helped me in coming up with a valid claim for my paper which works with the prompt. Gave me some ideas on how to organize my paper.
19. Helped me understand my grammar problem and tell me why it’s wrong
20. Brainstorming
21. Going over specifics of my paper. Questioning me.
22. She asked questions that helped me realize what I needed to change and how. She gave me helpful suggestions on how to improve my paper and make it more personal for a letter. She told me what she liked and didn’t and what I needed to clarify.
23. The tutor pointed out what seemed to be the main focus of my argument, which helped me narrow my thesis.
Major: Business/Pre-business/Econ
24. When she tried to get the ideas out of my mind by continual questioning. It made me realize things, I didn’t even know I thought.
25. To have someone review my paper and ask questions.
26. Lots of questions, made me talk it out, I thought it help for me to read it out loud
27. He’s helped me before with the same paper, so he knew what was going on and the background of the texts.
28. It helped the direction of my paper a lot. The tutor gave me some good things to work on for my final draft.
29. Help with the organization was really beneficial. I realized that some of my ideas were out of order.
30. When she told me what should be in a personal essay and how it should look
31. Brainstorming
32. Going over the paper physically and talking it through piece by piece. I got the main part of the claim to be more specific and apparent to the audience.
33. Getting my ideas out and the reflection/feedback I got back
34. Discussing paper with TA was very helpful
35. Good advice
36. Revising
37. The way the tutor provided her idea to make the essay strong
38. Ideas are polished
39. The organization of the paper’s introduction & conclusion.
40. The discussion of putting ideas across to the reader.
41. Ideas for revision and places to elaborate. Gave me ideas on how to elaborate. Asked questions about poem/paper that made me think more deeply about “why?’
42. She was very knowledgeable… and patient. Did not make me feel “dumb,” great personality and desire to help. Gave me good ideas about upcoming project.
43. Reading the paper out loud, re-questioning the intent of the paper, making sure ambiguities are spotted.
44. Reading the paper out loud and getting feedback about my paper. Talking about my paper/ideas with someone.
45. I liked going through the paper paragraph by paragraph. I thought that all her suggestions were very helpful, and I liked that she made me explain parts. That helped me better understand what I was trying to say.
46. The organizing aspect, just talking about the assignment helped me brainstorm for ideas.
Major: Engineering/ Pre-Engineer
47. Developing ideas and improving support, going through each ¶ in detail
48. Listening to myself read aloud and hearing someone with experience tell me the flaws
49. Reading aloud helped build my confidence in the paper. Reading out loud also helped smooth some rough spots
50. Reading the paper paragraph by paragraph out loud allowed me to understand the suggestions she was making
51. She was familiar with the text I was using, It was helpful to ask her for advice on claim, organization, etc.
52. Speaking one on one with someone knowledgeable in the English writing ways
53. Reading it aloud to someone. Finding a new thesis (revising a more clear thesis).
54. Generating new ideas for papers, getting grammar critique, finding common problems
55. Asking me questions, helping me find the purpose, just being able to see how someone who wasn’t super familiar with the topic reacted.
56. Suggestions, talking about examples and things to fix in the paper
57. Going over intro and conclusion
Major: Math
58. The structure
59. All was helpful
60. Just talking about my paper and sorting out where my claim was and how to tie it all together
61. All (structure, grammar)
Major: Psychology
62. It was very helpful that the tutor let me come up with my own ideas and let me sort of find what was working and what was not, as opposed to them just telling me
63. Reading it out loud and pointing out the main topic of each paragraph. Getting ideas of taking a direction w/ the paper
64. Great questions
65. Yes – a lot. As a English as a Second Language student, I needed a lot of grammar checks – and she did a great job. Also, I asked if the paper was clear, and she pointed out everything I needed.
66. Help to clear up my paper and convey my message.
Major: Biology/ Neurobiology/ Microbiology
67. I thought that talking it over, reading out loud, the questions she asked, helped me think and analyze.
68. Help incorporating quotes
69. Help getting to the topic sentence of each paragraph
70. Editing
71. Structure of my essay
72. Reading through the paper & pointing out where to specify, elaborate, explain… & then looking at the whole and evaluating
73. The connection between ¶, review of main ideas
74. Having someone else look over my paper definitely gave me more confidence in it, and the suggestions I was given were good and helpful.
75. All of it was helpful – she was helpful with my organization and simplification especially.
76. Talking, analyzing the claim and the essay in a general sense.
77. New ideas, sentence structure.
78. Going over my intro, places where I felt were the weaker parts of my paper. Answering my questions, suggesting ideas on how to tackle the prompt.
Major: Chemistry
79. Bringing out my understanding of the essay and the text that I used. In other words, it helps me justify my knowledge, intention, and clarity for my claim.
80. Connecting ideas, finding a focus in the paper
Major: Physics
81. Getting affirmation of the strong points after asking. Not put down but encouraged to strengthen points I was unsure of. With some hints of how to do this.
Major: Communication
82. Reading out loud, a lot of useful info on how to improve the paper
83. Her ideas on organization
Major: Other
84. Her questions made me think more and get ideas
85. The way the tutor asked me questions to get my ideas flowing, and having me read my paper out loud.
86. Reading out loud and being able to discuss the basics of a philosophy paper
87. Consistency of the writing, organization of the discussion, logical development of the argument throughout the paper
88. Forcing me to examine whether I have an arguable claim. Also, rereading the essay helped as well.
89. Work on development & the cogency of the paper
90. Letting me make my own notations
91. Great comments that were honest and helpful! Looked at all aspects of the statement, from content to structure.
92. Thesis development and word choice. Gaining confidence in my writing.
93. Explanations of faults were very clear, and by having to explain what was not clear to the tutor, it obliged me to redo my sentence. This was ultimately the most helpful.
94. Talking about the meanings of my essay and how they relate to the claim.
95. I got some feedback and useful insight on my intro paragraph – how I was gonna explain my main points.
96. Addressing what to talk about before reading the paper.
97. Worked on thesis development and topic sentences. Use of the Harvard Style way of quotation
98. Reading out loud. Also, my tutor asked me lots of questions on my topic which really showed me what needed to be qualified.
99. Openness to my ideas and ask questions instead of tell me what/how to do it, made me think! Thanks!
100. Getting the tutor’s opinion/advice.

B) What aspects, if any, were non-helpful or negative?

Major: Undecided
1. I do not think there was anything negative about my tutor
2. I couldn’t find any non-helpful or negative aspects during the conference.
3. None
4. –
5. None
6. Nothing.
7. Didn’t have many suggestions for change
8. Not enough time
9. –
10. None
11. None
12. It was a little short, but I’m sure it would’ve been longer if I had more issues to work out.
13. None
14. No
15. –
16. No
17. –
18. None
19. No
20. –
21. Could be nicer about grammatical errors.
22. N/A
23. –
Major: Business/Pre-business/Econ
24. None. I felt the whole 50 min. were very useful. I will definitely use this as a tool for writing papers in the future.
25. None
26. I like being told exactly what is good & bad & I didn’t get tons of that but it was still really helpful.
27. None
28. None
29. I had already edited and revised my paper extensively, so I didn’t have many questions to ask
30. When she told me to change things, but didn’t tell me how or specifically.
31. None
32. Not enough time! Didn’t get to go over all parts of the paper.
33. –
34. –
35. None. Educational
36. Grammar
37. –
38. Specific details were not attended
39. –
40. –
41. –
42. Nothing.
43. Nada. Probably could use more APA/technical advice, though.
44. –
45. –
46. Nothing from what I experienced.
Major: Engineering/ Pre-Engineer
47. N/A
48. None
49. The surrounding discussions were distracting
50. Nothing
51. No
52. Nope, good job
53. Maybe be a bit more blunt about opinion on particular problems in the paper.
54. None
55. Not enough time.
56. The fact that I had to read it out loud, too much time wasted on that.
57. –
Major: Math
58. –
59. –
60. N/A
61. –
Major: Psychology
62. none
63. –
64. –
65. Not much
66. N/A
Major: Biology/ Neurobiology/Microbiology
67. It was overall very helpful
68. –
69. Time was an issue
70. None
71. –
72. –
73. She was helpful, but she should read articles from Engl. 131, so she may have the ideas about the articles
74. –
75. N/A
76. Editing grammatical errors and anything specific in the essay
77. None.
78. –
Major: Chemistry
79. N/A
80. –
Major: Physics
81. I was hoping for a little more clues of how to fix things as I read it, maybe stop me as I’m reading and tell me that something’s wrong.
Major: Communication
82. None
83. It was almost wasteful to read the paper out loud because we just went through it again
Major: Other
84. None
85. None
86. N/A
87. none
88. If any it was my fault for not coming in with more of a guideline for what I wanted help on
89. –
90. –
91. No negativity
92. –
93. –
94. –
95. None… seriously.
96. None
97. –
98. –
99. –
100. Being asked, “What do you think?”

C) Did you feel comfortable working with the tutor? Briefly explain.

Major: Undecided
1. Yes, because she was friendly and not overbearing at all. She never tried to shove ideas at me and I appreciated it.
2. I did feel comfortable while working, just like discussing and just sharing ideas and simply chatting.
3. Yes, she was very nice and friendly and I felt like I wasn’t being judged for my writing, she was just there to help!
4. Yes, I felt very comfortable working with the tutor. She was very helpful. I liked how it was more of a discussion than her telling me what to do.
5. Yes, definitely. Even though she is obviously a better writer than me, she allowed me to “think through” things and didn’t necessarily tell me what to do.
6. Yes, she was very nice and supportive
7. Yes, it was fine, no problem
8. Yes – but I don’t like reading my paper out loud
9. Yes, she helped me come up with ideas on my own and didn’t push me too hard. Really relaxed, casual.
10. Yes.
11. Yes – she was friendly
12. Yes. I felt very at ease & my tutor was nice & personable. Good job ?
13. Yes. I felt shy at first, but the tutor was very nice, made me feel comfortable. She’s very nice.
14. Yes, she is patient and she also try to help me to work on my paragraph and give me some ideas of what I should change (what is unclear in my essay).
15. Yes, she was very helpful and non-judgmental and made good use of the time.
16. Yes, she clearly explain and help me to change my sentence structure or grammar mistake and also give me some questions to improve the argument.
17. Yes, she was very open and easy to talk to
18. I felt very comfortable… it was really helpful.
19. Yes, she is nice and she speak Chinese, too! ? Therefore, she can explain some grammar for me.
20. Yes, the tutor makes me think more about what I should write & help me obtaining new ideas
21. Yes
22. Yes, she was friendly and gave me constructive criticism.
23. Yes.
Major: Business/ Pre-business / Econ
24. I felt very comfortable working with the tutor, she was very nice and gentle about presenting her ideas and correcting mine.
25. Yes, it helps me re-think about my paper & see what needs to be changed
26. Yes, she was really helpful and I would love to work with her again.
27. ––
28. Yeah, my tutor was very friendly and non-intrusive
29. Yes, she was very helpful and supportive
30. Yes, I could ask her questions whenever I was unclear.
31. Yes -- she was very friendly, offer great advices in helping me organize my ideas
32. Yes – she was very helpful and talkative and helped me understand my paper better.
33. Yeah I did she was nice
34. Yes!
35. Yes. Very helpful
36. Yes.
37. Yes, very helpful and nice
38. Yes. Very easy to talk to and listened to my ideas patiently, and also expressed her own.
39. Yes, she is nice and explained points clearly.
40. Yes, the tutor was giving suggestions and was encouraging me to take better look since I understand what the professor want.
41. Yes, she was very helpful
42. Yes… felt that she was very helpful oriented. Lots of patience.
43. Yes. She’s very honest, straightforward, and really encourages me to get to the crux/intent of the article.
44. Yes, she gave me feedback/suggestions I could use in the paper and was very clear in her thoughts and suggestions.
45. Yes, she made suggestions but also kind of joked around when explaining them. Ver friendly.
46. Yes I felt very comfortable with the tutor, there was no hesitation or awkward moments.
Major: Engineering/ Pre-Engineer / Computer, Industrial, Mechanical Engineering
47. Yes, she didn’t put any pressure on me while working and was very friendly.
48. Yes I did despite not liking to read aloud, she made me feel comfortable.
49. Yes, mostly. Writing is not my area of confidence, but that has nothing to do with the tutor.
50. Yes. She created a very low stress, low pressure situation where I felt comfortable talking to her about what I was thinking, implying, etc. in my paper.
51. Yes – it is my second time working with her. I like her style – ha ha
52. Yes, it gives a chance for the student to ask point blank questions without worrying too much about time.
53. Yes. Easy to talk to.
54. Yes, very easy to talk to.
55. Yes, very personable.
56. Yes, very helpful
57. Yes, she was very nice.
Major: Math
58. Yes. She was friendly and helpful.
59. Yes. She was cleared and friendly. Thank you.
60. Yes, very easy to talk to and a good listener
61. Yes.
Major: Psychology
62. I did feel comfortable the tutor was very patient and helpful
63. Yes, but then was really overwhelmed w/ question about the paper
64. Yes, she was great! Thanks!
65. She was very friendly and clear about her explanation. Also, she was very encouraging.
66. Yes; she is easy going and I don’t feel intimidated at all.
Major: Biology/ Neurobiology/Microbiology
67. Yes
68. Yes, she was really friendly and patient
69. –
70. Yes, it is very helpful and the tutor is very friendly
71. –
72. Yes, she was very personable
73. Yeah! I was comfortable. No problems.
74. Yes, I felt very comfortable. It was easy to talk to the tutor.
75. Yes, she seemed to relate to w/ my writing issues, so that was nice.
76. Yes, she was very nice
77. Yes, because I read aloud my paper and we worked together on deciding what to revise.
78. Yes, she helped me with my questions and gave concise answers
Major: Chemistry
79. Yes, it was a soothing atmos, so I felt comfortable about talking and asking questions.
80. Yes it was nice w/ and outside perspective
Major: Physics
81. She was very helpful and helped me feel stronger about the paper. Thank you.
Major: Communication
82. Yes, was very friendly
83. Yes, it is always good to get another viewpoint
Major: Other
84. Yes, easy atmosphere, easy to talk and everything
85. Yes.
86. Yes, she was very positive even when giving suggestions
87. Yes, I always have pointed out what are not clearly explained
88. Yes, polite
89. It was a very informal but extremely useful experience.
90. Yes, she was really nice
91. Yes, very much
92. Yes, it was a very useful session
93. Yes! I think I will be back, if time permits.
94. Very nice and helpful
95. Yes, she helped me.
96. Yes. I was a little uncomfortable reading the paper aloud.
97. Yes, because she stated her own expectations with regard to revising.
98. Yes, he was very easy to talk to and seemed genuinely interested in helping in any way.
99. Yes, she was kind and encouraging!
100. Yes.