English Department
Writing Center

Meet the Tutors

Competition to work at the English Department Writing Center is high, so each of our tutors was selected from a pool of talented applicants because she or he possesses exceptional verbal and written skills. More important, they all like people -- working with others, helping others, and learning from others' perspectives. They can relate personally to the writers who come in with papers since all of our tutors are full time students here at the UW, carrying courseloads facing deadlines of their own.


Bretta Fogerty

Bretta is a Junior, majoring in Geography and Communications. She hopes to be a 7th and 8th grade teacher. In addition to tutoring, she likes to shop, make jewelry, cook, bake, and spending time with family and friends. Bretta hopes to travel someday to Thailand, tour Europe and return to Cuba.

Charlie Kuhlman

Charlie grew up in the suburbs of Madison, Wisconsin. He started writing genre fiction and acting near the end of grade-school and still pursues both to varying degrees. Wanting to strike off on his own for college, Charlie moved to Seattle, a big city he thinks is just the right side of crowded. If you’ve seen any entertaining movies or read any quality science-fiction, he’d be curious to hear your reviews; film and fiction are two of his favorite past-times. This is his fourth year at the UW, and he’ll be back for one more in 06-07 to finish-up a double major in Creative Writing and Comparative Religion. Having worked in a department store, sold movie theater concessions, catered on campus, and spent one year as a dormitory resident advisor, Charlie is delighted to finally be working with people and with writing—the two things which most often make him smile.

Cory Arce

Cory is originally from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. She is a junior in Program on the Environment, and is hoping to study either ecology or environmental law. Aside from spending time with her two dogs, Cory enjoys sailing in Lake Washington, running on the Burke-Gilman trail, and experiencing the cultural aspects of the Emerald City. She is easily excited by anything from political chats to organic chemistry. She loves working with her peers and making them feel comfortable expressing their thoughts through writing. She is currently studying in Costa Rica but will return to the EWC this spring.


Jennifer Landree

Jennifer is a junior at UW double majoring in English and French. Her interest in writing began at the ripe old age of nine and has led her to study creative writing at the UW. A native Washingtonian, she enjoys the smell of freshly fallen rain, coffee, and apples but dislikes the continual year-round drizzle. Besides tutoring in the writing center, Jennifer occupies herself with writing, aerobics class, watching movies, trying to learn French grammar, cooking, reading, and taking walks around Greenlake. Her favorite aspects of working in the Writing Center are getting to learn about different subjects and connecting with new people every day. Jeniifer is currently studying in France but will return to the EWC this Winter.

Laura Carlson

Laura Carlsen grew up in the cozy town of Edmonds, Washington. Seattle’s breath-taking views never cease to amaze her. Laura is a junior majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Human Rights, and maybe something else if she has time. After graduating she hopes to attend law school. When not at the writing center Laura stays very involved with the greek community. Her favorite activities are snowboarding, going out to dinner, and watching movies. She loves working as a tutor because she gets the chance to talk with other writers.

Leanne Do

Leanne is in her third year at the University of Washington and is currently pursuing a double-major in Political Science and Communication. When she's not at the Writing Center, she can usually be found at her other on-campus job in the HUB where she works as a Program Coordinator for UW Leaders. Leanne has discovered that the one thing that makes her experience at UW most meaningful is the opportunity to make someone else's experience here more meaningful as well. Hence, she loves being a tutor because it allows her to work one-to-one with her peers, connecting and engaging in a significant way. She also likes the Writing Center’s never-ending supply of candy!

Tania Koh

Tania is a senior double major in Physiology and English Literature, a bibliophile whose favorite works include C.S.Lewis' Screwtape Letters and Corelli's Mandolin. The best book she ever read for a class was Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, which she loathed at first, but found to get better with each reading. She also enjoys movies such as Before Sunset and Before Sunrise, Gladiator, and Spiderman, time with friends and family, and cuddling with her faithful cat. Her dream has been to create a literary circle similar to C.S. Lewis' Oxford inklings, a group of men including JRR Tolkien who drank beer and shared their work and lives. Tania’s group of women would watch movies and discuss them, and perhaps drink margaritas at the Ram instead of beer. After college she hopes to work for Youth with a Mission, then attend graduate school. Career-wise she hopes to use her writing to change the world -- or at least part of it. And a Pulitzer Prize or two along the way wouldn't be bad, either.

Louisa Peck, Administrative Director

Louisa completed her MA in English (Creative Writing) at UW in 1986, where she won the Milliman Award for one of her short stories. Her published works to date include ten short stories, one of which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction. Louisa loves to talk about writing and motivate others to explore and improve their written self-expression. She has taught composition, creative writing, and technical writing at several Seattle area community colleges, Evergreen State College, and UW Bothell. Currently she devotes most of her free time and energy to enjoying life with her five-year-old son and two dogs. In her vision, the English Department Writing Center's goal is to provide a relaxed yet intellectually stimulating environment where writers of varied disciplines and abilities can tap into new sources of energy, ideas, and inspiration.