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Information for Instructors

Encourage students to visit the writing center

Schedule a class visit

A good way to introduce the writing center to your students is to arrange a 5-10 minute "tutor visit". Either a tutor or our Administrative Director will come to your class and give a short presentation explaining what we offer and how to use the writing center. To schedule a visit, please email wcenter@u.washington.eduwith times that work for you.

Request flyers to distribute to students

Stop by the writing center at Padelford B-12 or email us at wcenter@u.washington.eduand we can drop a set of flyers in your mailbox.

Offer extra credit for visits

Extra credit encourages students to visit the writing center while keeping the visits voluntary.

Include the writing center in your syllabus

Make visits a part of an assignment sequence

Many instructors in the past have been successful in working the writing center into their course by making a visit a part of an assignment. A good model is to require the visit between the first and second drafts of an early paper assignment. This gives your students the opportunity to visit the writing center early in the quarter to see how we can help them and reinforces the drafting process that you are encouraging in class.

**Note** Requiring students to visit the writing center without connecting the visit to an assignment can prove problematic. Students tend to put off their visit until the last possible day of the quarter, which floods us with students who will not have time to revise.


The writing center maintains a computerized database of student visits. If you would like to know which of your students have visited the writing center, we can provide you with printed reports. To arrange this, email wcenter@u.washington.edu.

Peer response groups facilitation

The writing center is available to help you make peer response groups more effective. A group of 2-3 tutors can come to your class on peer response day and join the groups. The tutor's function in this case is not to be a tutor, but to be a facilitator -- sparking group conversation about students' writing, encouraging constructive feedback by asking questions, and modeling appropriate comments and questions. Please contact Louisa Peck at the writing center (wcenter@u.washington.edu) for more information or for ways to integrate this service into your syllabus.

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