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So...you wanna be a tutor?

If you are a strong writer with an interest in helping others with their writing, you might make a good Writing Center tutor. Undergraduate student pay starts at $8/hr, graduate student pay at $10/hr, and work study funding can apply. We enjoy hearing from interested applicants at any time, but we interview and hire only during the spring. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail at wcenter@u.washington.edu outlining your interest and any tutoring/teaching experience you may have.

All EWC tutors must enroll in English 474, Writing Center Theory and Practice, taught by Louisa Peck, the Writing Center Director. The following is a description of the course offered Autumn 2006.

English 474 - Course Description

This training course, required for a (paid) position as tutor in the English Department Writing Center during the '06-'07 academic year, focuses on current approaches to peer tutoring. Collaborative learning is the order of the quarter, both learning from each other about reading and writing processes, and learning how to collaborate with the less experienced writers who visit the Center. As we acquire the skills of non-directive and directive tutoring, developing judgment as to when to apply each, we will ask questions like the following: What constitutes academic writing? What about it can be taught, and what can be tutored? What is the difference? How does the rhetoric change with writers at various skill levels? With second-language speakers? Creative writers? How do writing centers fit into the paradigms of composition theory? The course will include some writing projects, some observation of tutors in action, and, by the end, some tutoring in preparation for fall quarter. To ask questions and/or to get an add code, see Louisa Peck in the Writing Center, B-12 Padelford, 10:30-5:30 Monday-Friday.

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