Writing Resources for
Departments, Teachers, & Students

Writing Resources at the UW

Expository Writing Program: (“first-year composition”): Find information about first-year composition courses, including policies, expectations, and examples.

Interdisciplinary Writing Program: (“writing linked courses”): Learn about writing courses that are “linked” to lecture courses in 10 different departments here at the UW.

Writing Centers: Locate a complete list of the writing centers on UW campus and how they can be best utilized.

Center for Instructional Design and Research (CIDR): CIDR has a variety of resources about writing in university settings. Check out their faculty resources regarding planning and teaching writing classes.

Scholarship for Teaching and Learning: The website features a host of resources about, and for, UW instructors regarding teaching.

Puget Sound Writing Project: Over 24 years, the Puget Sound Writing Project has become the University of Washington's single most successful humanities based K-12 partnership.

The Odegaard Writing and Research Center: This new center is a joint effort of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library and the College of Arts and Sciences and provides writing and research support for students’ work in courses throughout the College. Located on the 3rd floor of the Odegaard Library, the new Center is open from Sunday-Thursday from 7-10p.

Technical Communications: This program focuses on technical communication (for technical writing, etc.) and is located in the College of Engineering.

English Language Programs: This program is primarily designed for international students.